I went crazy when my client asked me to create her sister’s Bridal Shower with the theme “Wonder Woman”…  isn’t it a great idea?

In today’s times, work, taking care of the home, husband and children and still look beautiful is not for anyone, do you agree?     :-)

Let’s see the production:

A “welcome drink” in the Super Man shot glasses at the entrance. To go with the production, a super fun mannequin with the phrase:

“Every wonder woman needs a super man by her side”.

For the guests to become beautiful, MAC make up with the Wonder Woman theme! Did you know these?

The sweets table was super fun! My friend Chico from Docices, once again pulled it off!

The cupcakes were delicious and the detail on top gave it the final charm!

The red boots turned into vases with red rose bouquets…

Wonder Woman pins for every woman!!!

As usual, there were many details…

The message for the bride? Her sister made an incredible book for all the friends to write…  fantastic idea!!

Gold necessaries, as favors, had this super sweet sentence:

“Go in peace my friend. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a WONDER WOMAN!”