I simply loved to do this wedding!

The place was beautiful, the bride was a doll and the theme was a total inspiration in the Downton Abbey TV series! Don’t know about you, but I’m in love with the show, the time it lives, the characters…

The place chosen was the Modesto Leal Mansion, a small palace in Rio de Janeiro.

The perfect set with a perfect afternoon.

The cocktail took place in the garden, with a wonderful grand piano…

For the dinner area, we set up a structure that valued the landscape.

The decoration was the highlight of the party! All the rooms decorated as if the furnitured belonged to the house!

Lets start with the sweets table…

D. Monica, as always, outdid herself      :-)3

Each corner had its charm!

I   :love:  this stairway, you?

Antiques were placed all over the set!

Gramophone in the living room…

An old radio, how cute!

The tea room deserved special attention, with lots of details!

At the exit, the well married sweets and delicious italian dragees!