Ahhh, the treats we offered at our wedding…

A confession… our guests were “pampared” in all possible and imaginable ways!

The invite was charming! Shaped like a passport with a small slot machine with gum! In a lovely bag with a heart shaped travel tag for the final touch!

One of the attractions of the party was the “Cigar Bar”. The cigars were rolled right there, in an original Cuban table, with a personalized label “Cla & Joao”.

Another treat were the cigarrete cases for the guests that smoked!

But… the “make-up bar” was the highlight of the party!

I bought everything you can imagine in miniature size and other treats:

  • Chanel minitures like lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, gloss and perfumes…
  • Mini makeup remover
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Makeup brush kit
  • Enamel
  • Tweezers
  • Mini sowing kit
  • Hair band

Women went crazy… hehe.

They all got a purse to take anything they wanted…

But it didn’t stop there…

In the closet, pashminas and shoes with personalized tags for each guest.

At the exit, a few more presents…

The almond boxes were beautiful!!!

The BLING H2O bottles of water with swarovski… luxury!

And the metal lunch boxes? Personalized as always, with a few snacks for the after party in the hotel room, also with a CD with music from the wedding and super fun magnet!!!!

The final detail was a mini retro taxi with small purses with “cab fare” for the guests to return to their hotel…

When they got to Las Vegas, each guest got a welcome kit with a heart necklace, a million dollar chocolate bar, a t-shirt for the guys to write where they should be “returned” in case they got lost… or drunk!

And during the party, much to our surprise, they all had the t-shirts under their suits!!!

Another guaranteed fun moment… and the phrases were very original!!!

Photos: Lan Rodrigues.