The reception took place at the Skyloft, MGM Grand Hotel.

When I discovered these lofts at the top of the MGM I went “crazy”.

Perfect! Spacious, extreme good taste and a balcony with a breathtaking view!!!

The Skyloft site had only a few photos, but after doing some research I found that someone who previously stayed there made a video showing absolutely everything… including the number of the apartment!!!

That was exactly what I needed! We reserved the loft requesting the exact unit that showed in the video!!!!

After that I confess I watched it so many times that the “owner” of the video deserves a thank you gift! He just solved all my problems..  uhuuu!

And now, to the wedding:

The day of the ceremony we went to the loft early. I wouldn’t give up decorating absolutely everything for the reception!! Having the Johnny Rockets manager decorate our dinner was enough.

The advantages of working with family added up when getting married in Las Vegas… I had a super team with me! Camila, my sister and partner, and Mrs. Monica, my mother, helped with everything!

The wedding day for a decorator can be rather different and interesting! I worked all day, happy as always… and drinking champagne

At 5pm everything was impecable and it was time for me to change to the role of Bride. Started to get ready.

I have to mention the incredible team that did my hair and make-up: Carolyn and Juan, two darlings from the salon Cristophe.

The air brush make-up was incredible!

With everyone ready, it was time for a brief photo shoot at the Casino!

I showed in previous posts that we went to the Graceland Chapel and after that to Johnny Rockets.

Now we were on our way to Skyloft again for the reception party!!!

The night was just beginning…

Tomorrow the post with all the details of the decoration… uhuuu!!!!

Photos: Lan Rodrigues.