From the start I knew I wanted to get married at the Graceland Chapel and have the party in the suite of a hotel…

But I still wasn’t convinced! It felt like there was something missing until the idea came up of “closing down a diner” and have a dinner 50’s style!

After a lot of research we went with Johnny Rockets! I don’t have to tell you that I went all out with the theme. hihi.  Everything customized and, of course, in the theme!!!

The diner was already in the style and I knew I had to hold myself off because in the day of the wedding I wasn’t going to be able to decorate the whole place… if I could, who knows!!!  Created all the details and setup a meeting with the manager the day before to explain how everything should be done.

The paper placemats

The menu

The “Cheesburger holders” in several vintage car models. The candy boxes in shape of cigars gave the final touch!

It was all a surprise for the guests, even the fact that we closed down a Johnny Rockets!

After the ceremony, we went to the diner in a couple of Ford F650 limos.

When we got to Johnny Rockets, it took a while for the guests to understand what was going on… Still with Elvis, they all went along with it!

The restaurant was impecable, everything as agreed the day before (don’t have to tell you how tense I was for having the manager decorate my wedding, right?)

The waitresses dressed for the occasion…

With lots of Cuba Libre and Screwdrivers, burguers and fries, milk shakes and sundaes…

We had a lot of fun!!!