Get ready ’cause this post is going to be looooong…

So let’s get started:

1. Color Palette

Black and Gold

It’s no secret, I love to talk! And I confess right away that Black and Gold are the colors of the wedding.


About the choice of cake… in the beginning I was a bit devastated, the models offered in Las Vegas were a bit tacky. I would jokingly say that the wedding would be in Vegas, fun, with Elvis, yes, yet chic and sofisticated!

Insisting in getting the best, I looked up “subject matter tendencies” and found that METALLIC CAKES were in.

I loved the idea of a golden cake and that’s when I decided the wedding would be black and gold. Everything to do with Vegas… bold and with lots of glimmer!!!!!

2. Dessert buffet and the cake

I found two models that I loved and chose the second… still without knowing the competency of the hotel’s chef. When choosing, I picked the one that would be harder for someone to get wrong!  (sshh… don’t tell!)

The golden cake turned out beautiful and the black top charming:

MR. & MRS.

Vases, trays, candle holders… all the details of the decoration on the dessert buffet were purchased over the internet and sent to the hotel.

The dessert buffet was made out of mini desserts from Skyloft (each more beautiful and delicious than the other) and candy I had made to order.

The champagne and the coffee with amaretto lollipops were beautiful and delicious!

And the lollipops with the Bride & Groom initials?! … how charming!

I was crazy about the laser cut rice paper flowers. The bonbons were another sweet highlight…

Lindt bonbons, favor bags, crystal sugar lollipops and jelly belly also made up the production.

Per Skyloft rules, we could only use their flowers, so I opted to do bouquets with buttons: I have nothing less than Mrs. Monica Rezende as mother and florist, almost impossible to like anything else…

3. The view

At the exit to the terrace I placed a charming corner with an opera binoculars and a frame with a sentence so that guests would enjoy the view, which was breathtaking!

4. Because Every Picture has a Story to Tell

Yes. Every picture has a story to tell…

5. For the boys

I mentioned that next to the chapel there was a retro store and I went crazy when I found Playboy magazines from the 50’s.

I couldn’t resist and got a couple for the boys’ restroom…

6. Pansy

This story needs to be told beginning to end..

Well… there some months with lots of research to discover, track down and create all the details.

Among the findings in Las Vegas, there’s one company that stands out: Dress the Drink.  It has the most beatiful cocktails I’ve ever seen! Rules are rules, but I was besides myself that the hotel wouldn’t allow outside services, so we would not be able to serve those marvelous drinks…

On top of the barmen service, Dress the Drink has a virtual shop with several products to add to the cocktails.

When I saw these “flower sticks” I fell in love! They would be perfect for that special touch in one of the drinks.

With so many things to deal with the days leading up to the ceremony, I only called the company to order them the day before and, to my dismay, they didn’t have any for delivery.

We chatted a bit until the owner asked what they were for, and I told her they would be for our wedding.

Then came the surprise… she said they would produce them “for us”, that moment, and the delivery would be made at the loft the next day, no charge (on anything)… as a courtesy to the couple.

Pay attention: she didn’t know us, her company was closed that day (Friday) and she decided to not only make the flower sticks but also to offer them as a gift. She said the week had been very good to the company and she wanted to pay it forward!!!

This is incredible, nowadays, don’t you think?

Photos: Lan Rodrigues.