The celebration followed the wedding traditions of almost a century ago, in the desert, at the time of the Bedouins, before oil was discovered in the country.

The video is beautiful!

The ceremony was to happen in the desert was transferred to the Bait Al Othman Museum, the reason being that it was a week of rain in the desert, which according to tradition brings luck to the wedding!

The museum was inaugurated this year to preserve the Kuwaiti culture. There you can find the oldest Koran in Kuwait and the first oil drilling machine, for example… The museum has more than 200 rooms.

The invite said:

Dress Code: Old Kuwaiti Traditional Clothes

So… the first thing to do was a visit to the old market town in search of our garments! Shortly before the ceremony, everyone gathered in the hotel, our new local friend, Salmon, helped us get ready!

In the courtyard in the museum entrance, where the ceremony took place, was a scenography reproducing the
desert. The stars in the sky were projected on the ceiling and there were stuffed animals throughout the area!

The bride and groom in the center and all the guest seats around them, forming a “U”.

As soon as we got there, we went looking at the bride getting ready!

The dress with the colors of the time (green and gold), lots of gold, and painted hands with all its symbolism!

Throughout the ceremony Kuwaiti food is served as well as drinks like tea and water.

In addition to trying everything, I also registered it all… lol !

Something that also drew my attention was a kind of incense they use, called Bukhoor. During the ceremony,
it is passed among the guests, perfuming them. Women use the smoke evaporated from the incense holder
called mabkhara not just in their clothes but also in the hair.

The guests also caught my attention! Beautiful and powerful, with a posture to impress!

The ceremony lasted three hours, and each moment was amazing!

Women singing, men drumming, the entry of the bride, the entry of the groom, dances…
a show of culture and tradition!

After the ceremony… time for the photos!

The exit of the newlyweds! Time to go back to the hotel and rest!

The following day would be the big day to prepare our beautiful sweets table for the Sheikh!