I arrived and was surprised at this stunning hotel, the Missoni! I swear… for those who like decoration it’s simply fantastic!

The hotel is located in the Al-Salmya neighborhood, facing the sea, near the Safir Marina.

Left the bags in the room and quickly, even exhausted from the long trip,
immediately went on for a “tour” to see  everything… absolutely everything!

As it was the month of December, the hotel was decorated for Christmas.

Loved the Missoni balls!

The hotel’s Italian restaurant is sensational! The only disappointment is that, since
alcohol is banned in the country, not even a little glass of wine to accompany the meal…    :-)

The Choco Café is also wonderful!

Curious as always, the next day after breakfast, I went on to get acquainted with the ballroom of the hotel!

Searched the events manager with a box of delicious well-married sweets in hand in order to make friends
fast! Lucky for me, every day had a different being put together for a wedding (my daily stop after breakfast lol)!

The variety of options in china, towels and napkins, is crazy! Dear Houssna (director of events at the Missoni
Hotel) was able to give me their presentation material to share with you!