The ceremony was celebrated in the Cathedral of Kuwait by an Italian minister from Vatican.

The bride and groom were overflowing with happiness!

After the ceremony, we all went to the reception. When we arrived we were greeted by the
family of Sheikh Majed Al Sabah with so much affection that I don’t quite know how to explain!

Photo time!

The invite said “dressed for an Oscar night”, but I confess I was surprised to see everyone in casual clothes! I had a
long dress with embroidery, didn’t understand anything until Sheikh Majed Al Sabah called everybody to the hall.

There he began one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard! The Sheikh wanted that night to be special,
and declared that there is nothing more important in life than family. To our surprise, it was “family day” in his
country, and all the changes of the event, those last minute, were because the Sheikh wanted us to experience
a typical “family day” in Kuwait!

“Family day” is a free day for children so they were could choose how they would like to honor the bride and
groom. They decided to do a performance which had two boxes full of fun gifts for newlyweds!

The cutting of the cake and time to throw the bouquet!

Everyone sitting in the room, we were surprised by a saxophone player! Impossible not to dance…

Left the gran finale for the sweets table!

Complete success in every way! Guests delighted with our sweets!

I’ll thank again to the team of super players who stopped everything to help me: Isabella Suplicy,
Mariza Doces, Conceição Bem Casados, Docices, Blauss Maison e D. Filipa! My eternal “thank you”!

Arrangements were prepared with silk flowers that I took from Brazil. Mrs. Monica was missed! :-)

The production of the well-married sweets was a fantastic! Prepared an old suitcase,
wrapped with lace, with an embroidered heart and silver picture frame with the words:


A little bit of love with a Brazilian traditional wedding sweet!

The chocolates, cookies and honey buns also made a big success!

Honeymoon in India? A chocolate plaque decorated with the Taj Mahal and, at the groom’s favorite car,
the “Just Married”. Honey bread luggage bags, cookies in the shape of the TFK fragrance bottles, and the
cookies were covered with edible rice paper printed with love poems from Brazilian poets!

The final detail were the heart laces!

They were delighted with the care of us taking a little bit of our culture for them! This was so important
that the next day, Sheikh Majed Al Sabah had prepared boxes of sweets for family members that didn’t
come, because culture says that whenever something comes from outside should be divided among all!
What was left, he had taken straight to his office! Do you think he liked our sweets? :-)