This room of the party was sumptuous… lofty!

But to get to this….  ahhhh there was a lot of work done!

First, we built a black panel to close part of the hall.

Then, the furniture was placed so the chandeliers could be hung.

In the center of the room, three big lounges with a tulip garden in the middle of each one!
Around them, two buffets and tables.

With a tulip garden like this (rather, three of them), it’s impossible for it to not be beautiful… agree?

The pillow composition gave the final touch!

The dining tables were also beautiful!

Square tables with pale pink lacquer (I love this about 100% Eventos, you give them the pantone and they paint the color you want) and round tables with black towels. The silver chairs? luxurious!

And look at the napkin folding, creating a Chanel tie…

The flower arrangements were unusual… a mix of pearls, wool balls and exotic flowers…

The cherry trees were distributed throughout the whole room.

The “Grand Buffet” production from Toninho Mariutti was breathtaking…

There was even an ice sculpture of a lion! Themed parties have that advantage… we can go far out.

All this with lots of  Perrier-Joüet champagne!! The detail of the anemones in Perrier’s glasses added a lot more style…

Photos by Wagner Silveira and Joao Coelho.