Beauty and elegance in a wedding at Daslu Terrace, in Sao Paulo: luxury in the decoration inspired in Chanel and the Belle Époque from Paris in the 1920’s.

As I like to say… this is a project where the bride and groom’s feelings were interpreted and translated into party and beauty!

I invite you to join me in the backstage to live what I call the magical process of making dreams come true!!!

I’ll split the ambiances in several posts as it’s impossible to show everything in only one!


Entrance and Dessert Salon

Create an impact for the guests as they arrive. Essential!

As you may have noticed in my posts, I insist in showing details: their importance intensifies because they are surprises that delight guests as they discover them little by little, as the party happens.

You surprise to make it unforgettable!

That was the concept that make the dessert salon that welcomed guese become a-ma-zing!

The room was transformed. As you can see below, in the beginning there was no glamor.

Let’s go for the step by step:

The back wall was coated with pale pink matelassé fabric.

The side walls got a black velvet curtain and panels that had a vase printed on them and the flower arrangements created a 3D effect.

For dessert buffet floor, instead of using a rug, I had an image printed…

A composition of furniture: rectangular and round crystal tables and two side tables.

The production of the flower arrangements was done on the floor with the tables outlined.

The cake got a special appearance in the fountain painted black.

All set… now we need the final touches!

Shall we see the result?

But the dessert salon doesn’t end here…

Around this whole production there were maaaaany other details!

Notice the detail and luxury in the towels that we had made for the macarons, almonds and Brasilian sweets production.

I’m crazy about this detail in the macarons! Asked my suplier to make them with tweed and camellias!

The sugar almonds production was also charming! Guests could eat them there or take a flower shaped bag for later.

Pearls and velvet flowers. Weren’t they great?

The Brasilian sweets were beautiful…

A model with camellia and another with pearl!

We also made a dessert table full of chocolate bon bons.

And if we’re talking about a THEME party, I had to have the 1920’s chocolate dolls!!!

The photo frames are chocolate with the print made on rice paper… everything edible!

The bonbons were shaped in 1920’s dolls and the guests went crazy about them!

And to taste aaaaal this, we set up two lounges.

Ahhhhh… can’t forget to show you two beautiful side tables that we created, placed at the entrance so the guests could leave a message for the bride and groom!

Vintage typewrited, Paris postcards, small notebooks and stamps…

Photos: Wagner Silveira and João Coelho.