This room was another highlight of the party… everything¬†minutely planned.

When coming up with the project, I decided I wouldn’t install a dance floor in the main hall. We need to be careful with big spaces: there’s the risk that the dance floor will look empty when the guests start leaving.
So I opted for the second hall, right after the dessert room. It wasn’t very big, low ceiling, everything with the exact measurements for a club atmosphere.

Now for the ideas!

Inspired in one of Chanel’s runway shows…

The DJ’s back wall was produced with wall sockets filled with paper flowers!

After the whole structure is assembled…

The result was great! Another detail from the Chanel world was the tweed dance floor.

Next to a good dance floor… there’s always the bar!

The concept was a vintage bar and there was no shortage of details for this theme.

The first idea was to create a back wall with frames where some were mirrors and others were flat screen TVs.

In a partnership with Help Bar, we developed a vintage cocktail menu, with the staff dressed as white Summer,
men with mustache and women with casquette.
The TVs ran a slideshow of photos from the couple and old movies from Paris in the 1920’s!

Cherry trees in the lounges were the final touch in the decoration…

After three days setting up everything, many hours of work and many others with no sleep…

Everything perfect for yet another event that would certainly be unforgettable!

After this journey we did together, nothing better than watching a videl with the whole production!

In spite of the beauty and glamour, being in the backstage is not easy. The responsibility of dealing with people’s dreams with no margin for errors is incalculable. Timing needs to be just perfect!

Still, I can say my work is a blessing! Everyone that reaches me is living a happy moment in their lives, with good energy and somehow wanting to celebrate life!

Gratifies the soul finishing posts like today’s… happy and fulfilled!

Photos by Wagner Silveira and Joao Coelho, video by Vinicius Credidio.