Continuing with my bride’s request for a bucolic wedding at Burle Marx Park, let’s see the ceremony!

The bride wanted veeeeery much to enter through an old wooden door. But what would be the solution, given that it was not viable to create a structure for the door to open and close in the middle of the park?
Trompe l’oeil !  For those that don’t know, this expression from the French language means fool the eye.
It’s an artistic technique that, with image and perspective tricks, creates an optical illusion showing objects or forms that don’t really exist.

The isle was decorated with an aereal garden, all white and green!

The Chuppah was an abundance of flowers and foliage.

The ceremony was beautiful… stirred lots of emotions! Everything coordinated impecably by Babi Leite Eventos.

Photos by Fabio Piva and Ucha Aratangy