Do you wish to surprise those who love, spread the fantasy, magic and dreams on Christmas night?

I don’t think I could have chosen a better theme for the opening of Christmas 2012 than The Nutcracker Ballet!

“May the Christmas night magic make your dreams a reality”

The video below is beautiful…

Framed in the classic from Tchaikovsky, one of the most performed ballets in the world,
The Nutcracker brings children’s dreams to life, mixed with the reality of a grown up world.
Colorful and imaginative fable, it’s one of the purest art expressions that, with modesty and magic,
delights with its richness of characters. Pure emotion, art made with wisdom,
eternalized by rescuing the child that lives within us!

This dessert table was filled with soldiers, red and green M&M, candy, cupcakes
and lots of other treats that make not just children to be happy but adults as well.

Did you like it?