What are you going to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow?

Is there anything better than to surprise someone we love? Why not take all the dates and non dates    :-)3    to celebrate LOVE?

Today starts a new section of the blog. For those who like to receive and surprise I’ll be developing projects and ideas that are easy, yet charming and exclusive for you to make them yourself!!!

And nothing better than to open with gold!!!

Valentine’s Day, “The Kiss” !!!

A beautiful and sensual production, yet subtle. For you to create an unforgetabble evening! With strawberries, chocolates and lots of kisses…  do you need anything else?      :-)

Before we move on, a basic rule:

Every time we prepare something special, it’s important to get mentally involved, deliver yourself and let your imagination run…

And when we’re talking about kisses…   ahhhhhh!!!!

It can be a sweet kiss, sexy, slow, soft, hot…

It’s impossible to write down everything the lips can carry!

And how many famous kisses didn’t make us sigh?

And whoever said “a kiss is just a kiss” probably has neven been kissed with one of those that take your breath away!!!

Did you watch the movie The Notebook? It’s beautiful and the kiss under the storm melts my heart!

So much so that it was the winner in the category of best kiss in the MTV Movie Awards in 2005. The handing of the prize was incredible. If you didn’t see it, it’s worth checking out!

Ok, now let’s concentrate in the preparation to surprise someone who we love and get THAT kiss tomorrow…

As I said in the beginning, we need to get mentally involved… a little music always helps!

Click play to listen Don’t talk just kiss (Right Said Fred): [haiku url=”http://clarissarezende.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/right_said_fred__dont_talk_just_kiss.mp3″ title=”Right Said Fred – Don’t talk just kiss”]

Você vai precisar de:


1. A nice tray (can be made out of wood or any other material you have around the house)

2. Red Roses (18 roses)

3. Rose petals (buy another dozen and remove the petals)

4. A champagne bottle

5. Champagne glasses (2 champagne glasses plus 3 wine or water glasses to make the flower arrangements)

6. Gold sand (or small straws) to decorate the wine glasses and the tray

7. A big sized Hershey’s Kiss chocolate (you can find these at the supermarket)

8. Small strawberry pies

9. A small cup with a candle

To finalize the details, download and print the images at the end of the post.


How to prepare:


The flowers

Separate the three glasses of water or wine and place the water and the gold sand until half full.

Then cut the roses at the height of the glasses and place approximately 6 roses in each glass (depending on the size of your glass, it can be a little more or a little less).

The tags

After you print the tags “Kiss Me” (download at the bottom of this post) cut them and paste a toothpick. When it’s ready, stick the toothpicks in the pies and the kiss chocolate.

You can place one pie or more. In this production I have two different options.

The production

Place the glasses with flowers, the champagne bottle and the two glasses, the pies and the chocolate Kiss as well as the candle glass in the tray.

The arrangement will depend on the size and format of your tray. But everything is beautiful so it’s hard to not end up beautiful as well!!!

Once everything is in its place, put the petals and gold sand!

The final detail?

A beautiful card for you to download, print and place in your production!

The result

You can leave the tray ready in the room… just wait for him to get home!

Don’t forget to light up the candle and put the champagne on ice, ok?!

The important is the ambiance as a whole. Don’t leave all the lights on and play some background music…

My suggestions?

  • Diana Krall – Besame Mucho
  • Marisa Monte – Beija Eu


Then I’ll want to know how it went, ok???


Click the image to download and print.
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