I must admit I was particularly proud to do the birthday party for little Skyler, Rachel Zoe’s sone, in Los Angeles last week!

The theme chosen was “Safari Jungle” and the project ended up incredible, with an endless amount of details!

As soon as we got to LA, the first thing we did was to visit the Flower Market.
After all, with this theme, we had to have loooottts of plants, foliage and flowers!

I went crazy with the variety of flowers… wanted to buy them all!     :-)3

Rachel’s home is beautiful and the garden is to die for.

Not to mention the set that totally helped with the jungle theme!

The blooming roses in the entrance were absolutely gorgeous!

Now I’ll show you each detail of the decoration!

We produced a beautiful sweets table with flowers, plants, forest animals with
different prints, miniature jeeps on the rotating displays… and lots of candy.

The details that made the most success were the cupcakes with the golden jungle animal
candle holders and the device we placed in the middle of the plants with jungle noises!!!

Don’t even have to comment on Mrs. Monica’s flowers…

On the lawn and swimming pool areas, Rachel had Missoni covers set up for the parents so they
could enjoy their children dancing, after all, dance teachers were hired because Skyler loves music!

A brunch with organic food and champagne was set up for the adults.

For the children to stay hydrated amidst so much fun, we set up the “Monkey Water Bar
with the water filter in the shape of a monkey, from Paul Frank. Isn’t it charming?

Another highlight of the party was the photo area.

A jeep as backdrop, a polaroid camera and a selection of hooded
fur vests with all the forest animal prints, as well as several safari hats!

The corner for the kids to play was also super fun!

Animal tattoos, animal shaped balloons… and lots of other details!

A tenda safari fez o maior sucesso com a criançada!

On the way out, more surprises for the guests:

For the moms, the “Jungle Tea” decorated in the theme of the party with teas,
banana chocolates (everything organic) tea infusers shaped like a monkey,
among other details. Each mom got their to-go mug.

For the children, after so much fun, time to go home and take a bath with the friends from the forest.

The monkey got a wrist watch with the plaque “Bath Time“. The giraffe got a shower cap and… slippers!

In the favor bags, a monkey shaped sponge glove, soap in the shape of crayons for the little ones to paint
themselves during the bath and an animal “squirt”, all placed in a net that holds the toys in the shower.

Monkey head toothbrush holders and drops to color the water in the bathtub,
plus a bubble machine in the back to complement the favors.

Complete success at the party…   :love:

I was a fan of Rachel Zoe before… now I’m an even bigger fan!! No words to describe it!