Yesterday my dearest Constance Zahn published “my” Retro Bridal Shower and today I’ll show you why I was so looking forward make this idea come through…

I wanted something that would get out of the conventional…

Bold and sophisticated, abusing strong colors, the concept was retro bridal shower!!!

Every detail was thought of and, I confess, I’m still “in love”   :love:

First, I looked for many details to compose the decoration.
The old sewing machine and the small “cabinet” are two examples.

On top of being retro, the shower was also fashion. I went crazy when I found these paper dolls with several
Chanel and Dior 1920’s “models” to change clothes. As a child, who hasn’t played with these dolls? I loved it!!

The flowers were amazing! Mrs Monica at her best once again…

The flower arrangements were an exuberance of tulips, orchids, calla lillies, daffodils, roses, carnations and foliage!

But… the peak of the dessert table was, without a doubt, the desserts themselves! My dear friend for years
Chico Zinneck, from Docices, created a wonderful work beyond artistic!

You know I love to travel in search for novelties and what I most like about Chico is that he “never tells me no”…
Sometimes I come up with the crazyest ideas (being afraid he’ll tell me he can’t do it, but that never happens).
The result is always amazing. Chico, my friend, you have talent!  That’s it!

This time it was no different!!!

On top of the paper dolls, another “finding” that I went crazy about were these edible rice papers. Shocking!

Old perfume labels became cookies!

And these napkin biscuits? Incredible, don’t you think?

The chocolate purses with filling were outrageous! We couldn’t gather the courage to eat them!     :-)

Now… stop eeeevertything with the “sewing kit”! Button shaped biscuits, chocolate scissors and reels.

The final charm, chocolate thimbles next to the china ones!

Red fruit and damascus terrines served in candlesticks… didn’t they turn out great?

The Brazilian sweets got paper flowers…

Tea cups with plates and chocolate spoons, with the detail of the sugar fleur de lis.

To go along, small biscuits with edible pansies!

And the delicious macarons and jellow candy…

As I mentioned at the beginning, everything minutely thought of. And there’s more!     :-)       this post was getting too long, which forced me to leave many other details for tomorrow!

You wait and see!!      :-)3