When I got the invitation from Plaza Athénée NY to participate in the launch of the cosmetics brand Valmont at the hotel’s spa… I was very proud!

The Valmont Group has been helping women and men for over 25 years to tame visible signs of aging. Heir to the traditional Swiss medicine, the company uses its natural resources and current cell research to create the most extraordinary anti aging cosmetics for the skin, that present visible and lasting efficacy.

The objective of the event was to launch club V35 which represents SPAs in
5 star Hotels, chosen by the group, that use exclusively Valmont products.
These SPAs distinguish themselves by exceptional and personalized service.

The name V35 is a tribute to the tallest peaks in Switzerland, where the brand is from and where 35
mountain peaks are above 13,000 feet (4,000 meters). Valmont limited this SPA club to only 35 members
in the world, where each one is carefully chosen. The Spa at Hotel Plaza-Athénée New York is the only member
of this club in the United States.

I can’t help mentioning that the Spa at the hotel is incredible! I had the opportunity
the day after the event to receive one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had!   :-)3

The theme of the event could not have been different! The whole decoration inspired in the Swiss Alps!

Everything white, lots of branches and rugs, pillows and fur blankets!

A  big feature right at the entrance, suggested by the hotel, an ice sculpture
representing the tallest mountain in Switzerland, known as Matterhorn!

One of the charming details of the decoration was the production of the “Spa Bar”, with lots of treats for the guests.

The flowers from Mrs Monica Rezende were beautiful and, as always, the decoration with lots of details!

House shaped tea infusers and cups with candles!

Charming little squirrels…

Also worth mentioning the menu developed by the hotel, which was wonderful!

An island with carefully selected Swiss cheeses, cheese fondue served in small plates and… Swiss chocolates!

Successful event and a wonderful team!!!