If you haven’t visited the number 1693 Bela Cintra, at the Gardens in Sao Paulo, it’s worth knowing and experiencing the store SaLA.

A ver cool meeting point that brings together decoration, art and accessories…

This Staturday, it wasn’t just the children but adults also had fun in the picnic that SaLA organized.

In a partnership with Pororoca Design (their products are beatiful and for sale at the store) and, of course, my production!    :-)

The weather collaborated and, with a beautiful day, we prepared a very charming table just outside the store.

I fell in love with the tulle pompon pendant, paper flowers and felt sweets from Pororoca Design!

The finger food was delicious! Popcorn, peanut custard, carot cake and others…

Look how cute this paper picnic basket for the napkins.

The art shop was a success and the kids had a great time…

After this delicious get together, nothing better than a toast to celebrate this partnership!!!