Belle Epoque Florale Edition by Makoto Azuma

The luxurious Maison Perrier-Jouët writes another mark in its history with the release of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Florale, designed by the renowned Japanese artist  Makoto Azuma.

Since its creation in 1902, this is the first time that the brand allows an artistic change to the bottle created by Emille Gallé.

The design by the Japanese  Makoto Azuma came naturally to Perrier-Jouët; Emile Gallé selected the Japanese white anemones for his original and centenary project, motivated by his love in botanic and at the same time admiration to the Japanese art, which is inspired by the force of nature the true movement spirit of  “Art Noveau”.

“The worlds of Perrier Perrier-Jouët and Makoto Azuma converge harmoniously. Both have the same sensibility to organic creations and honor nature through their work: a philosophy used by Émile Gallé. We found in Azuma the Gallé of modern times” said Karen Erlich, manager of the luxury drinks from Pernod Ricard Brasil.

Challenging the aesthetic limits, Makoto Azuma created a piece of art made by an unique botanist and delicate arabesque combined with japaneses white Japanese anemones. Azuma continued the 1902 project with new flowers and gold details making the piece a contemporary extension from the Gallé’s design to receive the renowned Belle Epoque 2004 harvest.

Named by CNN as one of 20 personalities to follow, Makoto Azuma arrived in Brazil last week for the first time, with the exhibition Perrier-Jouët: Printemps Des Arts. There are nine art pieces, produced with Brazilian flowers, natural, colorful and chosen by the artist himself at the Sao Paulos’ markets.

The exhibition is at the main floor of Cidade Jardim Mall until next Friday, October 5th.

Being part of this project was a privilege and once more was a huge experience!

The results were amazing and the cocktail launch was fantastic!!!

At the entrance, guests were surprised by a gorgeous baccarat crystal table by 100% Eventos, entirely with French products!

The tea selection was wonderful inlcuding Ladurée, Fauchon and Mariage Frères

All the trays and porcelain by D. Filipa were beautiful.

The sugars were gorgeous…

There’s more…

Pistachio sugar candy, marshmallow and dragees from Ladurée, Fauchon cookies,
madeleines and the famous financiers French cakes… all brought from Paris!!!

The chocolate plates and cookies, with champagne bottles in edible rice paper by Docices, was just to die for!

The souvenirs were a treat! Notice the anemone shaped cookies in little voile bags with the dragon-fly lace!

The flowers, as usual, were spectacular! D. Monica overcoming herself, once again…

The backdrop also gained its charm with the detailed flower arc!

No need to talk about the menu prepared by chef Helena Rizzo, agreed?   :-)

Everything served with Belle Epoque champagne!!! The service by Brothers Bar was impeccable…

I always like to take these opportunities to thank the folks who allowed me to have these wonderful experiences…

Today in special Carol and Karen, from Pernod Ricard, for the trust,
and also Zambon and Joel da Z Tailoring, for the partnership and success!!

Photos: Midori De Lucca and Joao Coelho.
Data: Press office.