This Sunday 2/26 we’ll haver another Oscar ceremony!

What woman doesn’t like to follow the red carpet and “drool”   :-)    with all the actors and actresses and their dresses?

To make the show more fun, why not gather a few friends for an Oscar night with a “Popcorn Bar”?

I prepared a super cool production for you to do it yourself in great style!

Everything is very easy and simple. The “Popcorn Bar” concept obviously needs popcorns and drinks!      ;-)

What makes it different and charming is the way it’s put together and presented!!!

Let’s divide it in steps:

Step 1: Popcorn production!

You’ll need:

If you want to go beyond the cups with popcorn cones and have an extra something, you can place a grated cheese and mini rechaud with melted butter. Don’t forget to download the tag and stick them in the cones!

Step 2: The cocktails

I prepared two cocktails specially for this evening!

The first is the “Red Carpet Cocktail

You’ll need:

The second is the “Hollywood Cocktail

You’ll need:

Important: Don’t forget to also download the tags with the names of the cocktails and tie them to to each glass with a ribbon!!!

Feeling up for it? You can send invitations to all your friends and I guarantee it will be a success!!!

Cocktail Tags


Popcorn Tags