The year started with many challenges… and many conquers! Today I end the NY season with lots of work, research, parties… everything good from life!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you can start     :-)    @clarissa_rezende) know that I was invited to prepare a production for NY Fashion Week at the Hotel Plaza Athénée.

Complete success, the result was incredible!

For 8 days, the hotel had our production in exhibit at the restaurant Arabelle. Plaza Athénée, as I mentioned before here in the blog, is synonym with refinement and tradition. Its intimate ambiance is what I love the most, plus the hotel is located in a very charming street at the Upper East Side!

After lots of research, brainstorming and inspiration, the theme chosen was “New York 1940’s Street Style”.

Before showing photos of the production, I’ll explain a little bit of the history and how the idea came up…

Conceived by Eleanor Lambert, originally called Press Week, the first fashion week in NY happened in 1943.
The buyers, editors and designers were traditionally focused on fashion in Paris, but that year they could not
have access to the new European trends due to France being involved in the war. Eleanor Lambert spotted
the opportunity to create a fashion week in NY to attract media attention to the “American Style”.

From this concept, the theme of our production was chosen and inspired in the NY street style of the 40’s.

The props used as reference to NY were the Empire State Building and St. Patrick’s Cathedral,
represented with 3D puzzles. An image of the famous department store Saks Fifth Avenue
also composed the table.

Old cars in rotating displays had to be there!

Now… when we’re talking about fashion and style, we did some serious research at flea markets
and vintage shops in NY. Everything from the 40’s, of course.

Hats, purses, gloves, shoes, clothes, umbrellas, scarves. bracelets, brooches…

The famous Paper Dolls were there representing the 1940’s “American Style”!

Notice the detail of the pages from the Sears catalog “Everyday Fashions of the Forties”.

Mrs. Monica‘s flowers were breath taking!

Calla lillies, ranunculus, orchids, tulips, anemonies… very extravagant!!!

The final detail was the book on the Fashion Week creator, Eleanor Lambert,
with a charming vintage camera and a lampshade that I fell in love with!

Without a doubt a great challenge for a Brazilian to present a work like this… to New Yorkers!    :-)

Sem dúvida, um grande desafio a uma brasileira apresentar um trabalho desses… aos nova-iorquinos rsrs!

The press coverage was big!!!

There was an article on Forbes Travel Guide mentioning our production
as one of the things to do in NY during Fashion Week!

Link here:

…and to end in big style, the Brazilian TV show Manhattan Connection had a
piece of our production, calling us out among Brazilians in action in NY!!!

I couldn’t be happier with so much recognition of a work that,
without a doubt, was created with lots of dedication and passion!