As I said in the last post…

“Luca, don’t be sad, aunt Clarissa prepared other surprises for you!!”

The parents had already tolme that he is crazy for trucks and tractors…
the theme of the party couldn’t be any other!

Loved this idea of having a track and signs.
With the tractor, so the fun is complete…

Get ready, the fun is just beginning… again      :-)

Even the tiger drove the tractor!

Now… pause for a snack!

Everything prepared with lots of charm!

How about doritos served in the back of a truck?

Luca went straight for the popcorn and aunt Clarissa was drooling all over him…     :-)3

Time to get back to the fun…

The table was full of toys!

The little one loved the giant crayon…

… and the crane with the remote control too!

When I saw this plate with tractor shaped cutlery I couldn’t
resist and had to get it without thinking twice!     :-)

As with any party worth mentioning, the sweets table had to be there!

Have you see a cooler looking cupcake holder than this?

Everything was beautiful! The picks decorating the donuts, the tractor with candy…

…and many other delicious treats!

Is there a child that can resist this??     :-)

Oh! Forgot to mention that the the party’s dress code for grown-ups were construction vests… isnt’t it great?

This is what’s it’s all about… fill life with sweet moments that we’ll remember forever!!!