After a long period without posts, I return today in great style with lots of news for you!

September was an intense month, with lots of travels, parties, and all of them incredible! Since I make a point on writing each post personally, the excess of work made me a little absent…

But let’s get down to what matters!

This wedding happened in Luanda, Angola and let me tell you that it was a unique experience!

The set was perfect! A beautiful day, bride and groom in love and everyone overfilling with joy and happiness!

I was glad to be experiencing this unique culture, so much older than mine… a richness of tradition.

The ceremony took place in the Church of St. Joaquim, in the Praia do Bispo (Bishop Beach).

The venue for the party was Espaço Che, in the Miramar neighborhood, where all the embassies in Luanda are.

The decoration was beautiful!

The bride and groom table… a deam!

Everything was thought of with great detail.

The groom is from Congo and because his whole family speaks French,
we placed chair covers with a poem in French in order to surprise them!

The heart shaped napkin holders were charming!

Beautiful couple, with two beautiful daughters!

Their table for them and their little friends was also prepared with great care…

… and the kids had fun!

The dessert table got a special place, given that it’s not a tradition in Angola!

The menu really caught my eye for the huge variety!
Imagine over 30 options of plates, all looking delicious!

As a tradition in weddings in Angola, there are local typical items.

Among them, what I found most interesting was the Mucua fruit, from the Imbondeiro tree,
a big African tree… one of the largest in the world.

Another tradition I thought was fantastic was the reception of the couple at the party.

A moment where weddings of the past are recollected, when companionship,
loyalty and harmoy in the couple are brought up by remembering that both man
and woman worked in the fields together…

This ritual also alludes to the necessity of couples working hard at the relationship
that starts with the wedding… which needs to be constantly cultivated!

As I mentioned, the groom is from Congo and with so many foreign guests, he chose to make a speech for the bride in English!
It was very emotional and I confess I got tears in my eyes…

“Why do I love you? You are a very beautiful and intelligent woman. But there are lots of women out there who are beautiful
and intelligent. Why is it that I don’t love them but I love you? It’s because of your grace. You know that I am a believer.
Grace is unmerited favor. Although I don’t deserve the love of a women as incredible as you, I am blessed with it.
I am beyond blessed. And I love you for your grace.

In this night of love, guests danced “Kizomba”!

Do you know this style of romantic music? It’s very typical in Angola.

The party started during the day and went on until wee hours in the morning…

That’s how it is in Angola! A whole day of celebration.
Some guests arrive for lunch, some for dinner, but they all stay for the party at night.
Some even go home to get some rest and come back later…

After all, the dance floor is lively the whole time!

I end this post with a special thanks for the bride and groom:

“Berta and Christian, thank you for giving me this wonderful experience! Your love is beautiful to watch!!!

Photos: Melissa Jill and Joao Coelho.