To the lovers of good cheese and wine and, of course, those that like to get out of the conventional, the tendency now are “Cheese Cakes”.

I’m not talking about the desserts, with those wonderful syrups, but rather of a cake made with a variety of cheeses. As a wedding cake, you can choose the number of stories and flavors!

The idea is unusual and delicious!

To better describe it, I went and checked the novelty up close. Paxton & Whitfield was the chosen store, official cheese store for Kings and Queens of England since Queen Victoria, in 1850.

They have about 200 cheeses hand made in farms throughout several countries, sent to the store in their ideal state of ripening.

It’s a very charming store and the salespeople are extremely nice!

After a fantastic cheese tasting, I did this set with the chosen ones!

From top to bottom, the names of the cheeses and their countries of origin:

Cornish Yarg – England
Gubbeen – Ireland
Garrotxa – Spain
Fleur du Maquis – France

Once decided on the size and type of cheeses, you can decorate them in several different ways: figs, red fruits, grapes, nuts and flowers are just a few ideas.

Next, a selection of those I found the most beautiful!

I found these two ideas fantastic! First, notice the detail of the mice as bride and groom on top of the cake. Very cute, don’t you think?

And the breads to go with the cheese, why not have the bride and groom initials?

I confess I’m already full of ideas and looking forward for my first bride who wants to apply!!!