“What should I do to celebrate the birthday of my son who will turn 4 in July when I’m on vacation in NY?”

That’s how it all started… when my client made me this question!

Knowing that the birthday boy loves Lion King and that they would be staying at Plaza Athénée, the idea came up right away:

A Lion King brunch in the Hotel’s “Private Dining Room” to celebrate the birthday of my “little client”!        :-)

The challenge was on…

Plaza Athénée, known by its polish, has classic and lofty rooms…

…creating a Lion King children’s decoration wouldn’t be that simple!

As I use to say, each party is an expectation, a challenge, a little cold on your stomach…

Even more so at the Plaza Athénée… in NY    :-)     !!!

Just the way I like it, the ideas started coming up and the result was incredible!!!

Obviously, the whole decoration was inspired in Lion King and all his friends from the forest!
Yeeeess! the elephant, the giraffe, the monkey, the zebra… they were all there!

At the entrance, the family was welcomed with a very charming “Welcome Drink”!

Orange juice in the animal mugs…

To get everyone involved, I requested the hotel to have a DVD so I could play “Lion King”,
with the  soundtrack “Hakuna Matata” ready to go when guests walked inside the room…

Everyone got caps, with the theme of the party of course!

The dinner table was amazing!

I chose the gold Tiffany chairs and green suede towel! After all, it was a chic brunch       ;-)

The carger plates were made out of bamboo and the napkin rings in different wood animals.
Everything joyful and colorful, I opted for orange napkins.

Notice the details… striped straws and cups with checkered fabric…  and worm gums!

The zebra and giraffe salt and pepper shakers were cute,
the jellies were placed in tree trunks and the menu… luxurious!

In the forest we had to have lotttts of vases with plants!
I was delighted with the colorful cups and vases and the  butterfly detail!

This time I didn’t have “Mrs Monica” with me but, modesty aside, I think I did well in the arrangements!      :-)

In this production we had to have Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon…

The final touch were the paper carousels with all the animals!

But… it didn’t end there!

I got together a special corner for the birthday boy with several surprises!

Mini library with books…

A giraffe bookshelf with animal balloons, tatoos… and other things children love…

And a table with lots of presents…

… the Simba costume among them!!!

In the afternoon, everyone went to Dylan’s Candy Bar (candy store that belongs to Ralph Lauren’s daughter).

That… I’ll leave for the next post!!!!

Hakuna Matata!