Yes! They’re twins! All pink and blue! It’s only fair for a Baby Shower when it’s a boy and a girl!

When I found this couple plush of babies I was enchanted! It was what I needed as inspiration for the dessert table. Check out how each of them holds a heart shaped blackboard with their name written in chalk.

The mini cakes and sweets were done by Piece of Cake who was also responsible for the cake. In fact, the cake deserves special attention. Not only it’s very cute, the babies’ miniatures were PERFECT!
The brazilian sweets made by Conceição Bem Casados were also part of the set.

Hydrangea, delphinium, carnation and pee plant were the flowers used by Monica Rezende always in the colors blue, pink and white.
Check out the giant suckers being used as vases!

The final treat were the gifts. Little stroller boxes with almonds and small notebooks and pens. Everything personalized!!!

Photos: Alexandre Pirani.