Inspired by the Retro Shower, this Bridal Shower was just amazing.

In the make-up bar from my wedding I prepared mini make-up items for the guests, this shower’s make up bar was entirely with cookies, chocolates and honey bread….

You won’t believe it!!!

Let’s start with the sweets table!

I won’t even comment on the cake from Docices     :-)

Wasn’t it just incredible?

Now, the make up…

The Chanel kit production was powerful!

Lipstick and eye shadow cookies, as well as the honey bread eye shadow options!

The guests could also choose the honey bread compact powder, chocolate purses…
or the cookies in foundation shape!

If the Chanel’s production was powerful…   Dior was luxury!     ;-)

I went crazy with the mascara shaped cookies…

…and in perfume bottle shapes as well, with edible rice paper!

The little chocolate purses were matching with the decoration as well…

There were many other sweets!

There were flowers decorating the house!

The side table with favors… just charming!
Each guest got her own gold matelasse necessaire from Gift Chic!!!

I need to congratulate the buffet Duas Gastronomias for the care and details with the presentation.
The little shoe shaped cheese and tapioca served in a heart shaped mini bag was a treat!