In my Google navigation, I saw this idea of making a cupcake fondue and thought it would be super fun (and tasty, of course)!

Afternoon with friends + cupcake fondue + wite = a good time, catch up on conversation and lots of laughs for sure!

The invite was cute! You can download and email it to your friends as well.


There, I was looking forward to get everything ready!

I love the “cupcake world”, every time I see something nice that has to do with decoration for this theme, I buy it!

Got everything out of the closet and started the production…

Being the daughter of a florist has its advantages… a quick stop at her studio and I had beautiful arrangements for my table!

In one of my trips at the end of last year I found this wine and champagne to go with cupcakes.

As I said, if it’s related to this theme I buy it, so brought them in the luggage!

All set… now for the fondue.

Don’t forget that it’s a “Day off from Diet”!

In my neighborhood there’s a wonderful bakery where I ordered mini cupcakes in two different flavors and without filling (I’ll admit that when it comes to cooking I’m no good).

Prepared chocolate syrup (that I know how to do) and put it in the fondue pot. All the garnishes were placed in glasses and small porcelain pots.

Now all you have to do is wait for your friends to arrive, open the wine and enjoy!

It’s super easy and you HAVE to do it (I swear you won’t regreat)!!!


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