The theme for this 15th birthday debutante party was Las Vegas and Casino.

The venue chose was La Luna with the coordination of my dearest Valéria Bittencourt.

Everything black and red… with lots of crystal and mirrors!

The dessert table was scandalous!

An abundance of red orchids!

Next to the sweets, small boxes shaped as slot machines with candy and cookies decorated with the theme added to the scene!

The cake was BEAUTIFUL… and a limo parked in the back of the room composed the setting!

Check out the inside of the limo… ready to party!

As a themed party should be… all details were planned, one by one!
Neon sign, ice sculpture…

Look how nice these dice shaped candy and chocolate poker chips!

The Las Vegas neon signs were super!

When I saw these roullete wheels I went crazy and had to have them in this project! Look at the shot glasses…

The waiters were circulating through the room on skates serving drinks in the roulette wheels!!!
non-alcoholic, of course, this was a 15th birthday after all.

For “Happy Birthday”of course we needed an Elvis!      :-)

And a performance by dancers inspired in Cirque du Soleil was the grand finale!!!

Photos by Alexandre Pirani and Joao Coelho.