Another themed event…

Happened last year, the theme for the brunch for the company Pernod Ricard was “Scotland and London”!

The decor was red and black.

The guests were received with a bag pipe presentation.

The table decorations was great!

Tins with Walker biscuits and the napkin holders were a wisky flask, also in the theme.

The buffet got its charm with a plaid table… and other details.

When I saw this apron I couldn’t resist…  got it for the waiters!

The peak of the event was a toast with the Wisky Royal Salute 62 Years, that came to Brazil in September 2011!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching the video.

Since the theme was Scotland and London, at the exit I prepared a table with cupcakes and favos with all the appropriate details!

Cupcakes with picks in the London theme.

Little cans of English Tea served as vases for flower arrangements.

Postal cards, fridge magnets, cup holders and biscuits!

Eeeeveryone went at it…      :-)

Guests got other presents…
a bottle of Chivas 18 years and a box with stones “Whisky Rocks”.

Photos: Silvana Garzaro