Who doesn’t know the story of naughty Peter Rabbit, from the English writer Beatrix Potter?

This was the chosen theme for the decoration of a client’s son’s Brit Milah.

I invite you for a stroll around Peter Rabbit’s garden along with all his friends…

Right at the synagog’s entrance, garden benches with lots of plants and flowers!

The detail of the old mail box, with personalized postcards for the guests to leave messages
to the parents and to little David, what a treat!!!

Each lounge had its charm!

Butterflies, fountain with birds, watering cans with lollipops, kosher sugar…

The tables were also beautiful!

Flower arrangements in white porcelain, paper napkins with flower patterns, paper candy holders,
all from Petter Rabbit obviously!

The final touch were the helium balloons tied to each chair.

The dessert table at the senter of the room was the highlight of the decoration!
A composition of 4 tables with a beautiful flowered tree at the center, iron plant holder with lavender
and everything else a garden ought to have…

Shall we check all the details?

Notice how cute the books in the back of the bicycle and a black board with the little boy’s name!

Composition of water cans on the wooden bench…

… and lots of flowers!

The desserts from Buffet L’Epicerie were wonderful!!!

Look how cute the cake shaped like a house…

Jelly Belly, gum and lollipops were all kosher, brought from NY by the little client’s grandmother!

The cupcakes went with the theme and the mini churros were mouth watering!

Look how cute this Peter Rabbit paper carousel! And the cotton candy…

To top it off, the ice cream table was FANTASTIC!!!!

Photos: Beto Mellão and Vanessa Kohler.