Are you going to spend a few days in January in the cozy New York Winter?

Then… get ready for the Winter Brunch “Baby It’s Cold Outside”!!!

The proposal of this brunch is for you to experience a Winter day in NY!

Sophisticated and cozy at the same time… a perfect day with the family, friends or simply with the person you love!!!

I set sail to NY at the end of December and will stay there for the whole month of January, with lots of new things for everyone!

To prepare the whole production, last week we were in NY and put together this photo shoot that will astonish you!

I’m sure that whoever is around won’t resist!

Shall we take a look?

Located at the Upper East Side, in a charming street, Plaza Athénée NY is synonymous with refinement and tradition!

The hotel’s Private Dinning Room has its own style, a very intimate setting!

The decoration was beautiful!!!

One of the mandatory things to do in a winter day in NY is, without a doubt, to go ice skating in Central Park…

… and in our production we couldn’t miss the ice skates!

Yes, they were part of several details at the table.

The napkin holder…

… and my favorite, without question, was this little doll! I’m “in love” with it!     :-)3

Modesty aside, this table is one of those where you get real pleasure in sitting down…
no hurries, enjoying every moment, looking at every detail…
and eating wonderfully well!     :-)

The flowers by Mrs. Monica were its own show!

Peonies, ranunculus, anemones…  anything else you’d like?     :-)

But it doesn’t end here!!  There’s a lot more…

A Winter day in NY, all that white snow,
there’s a lot to have fun with other than ice skating at Central Park!

Is there anything more fun than creating a snowman?
In our brunch  “Baby It’s Cold Outside” you get a kit to creat the most charming snowman in NY!

The final detail? The “Snowball Maker” to complete the fun!

Since it’s very cold outside… the scarf, hat and gloves are mandatory!!!

Everything thought of to the final detail for a unique experience!

But before leaving with your kit, a pause for the famous “S’Mores”.

I went crazy with this “S’Mores Maker”!

Marshmallow, Hershey’s chocolate and biscuit… anything else?      :-)

This experience was prepared with all the love I have for what I do and,
even with a temperature below zero, no doubt it will warm you with unforgettable moments!