Maria Rosa’s 1 year birthday party was joyful, wrapped in a mist of magic and one of those unique enchantments of children’s stories!
This one, without a doubt, also entertains adults… a lot!

Welcome to the magic world of… Alice in Wonderland!

Right at the entrance, guests were welcomed by all the famous characters!

The delightful afternoon was just beginning and the children undoubtedly had a lot of fun…

In the middle of the garden we did a beautiful community table to draw and paint.

Look how sweet, the little chairs with flowers…

Small vintage card books went well with the theme, don’t you think?

But… the success of the party was the sweets table! Ahhh… how I like to produce themed tables!    :-)

Myself and Mrs. Monica (my mother, as most of you know) usually “travel” together!
This time, I gave her a challenge: I want a garden inspired in the images below…

… and she simply did it!

The production of the Queen of  Hearts was outstanding!

The flower arrangements coming out of the shoes were also incredible!

Look at the lollipop detail in the garden production!

Not even going to comment on the little vintage dolls…  loooove them!

Ohh! Before showing the next photos, obviously I needed to
mention that the chocolates could only be from Docices!!!    :-)3

Photos by Alexandre Pirani, Beto Mellao, LD2 Produtora and Joao Coelho.