The place chose to celebrate the 7th birthday of my special client was the family farm, located in Itu, near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

All her friends met early at the birthday girl’s home, in Sao Paulo, and then went to spend the day at the farm!

The scenario was breath taking! And the sun was rising when we started the photo shoot…

The farm has a beautiful balcony with a view to the lake and that spot was canopy to set up the lunch tables!

All the furniture was from there, each a little different… and all with lot of charm!

The children’s table was a dream!

The porcelain and towels were by D. Filipa!

Have you ever seen a cuter chipmunk than this one?       :-)3

The tables’ decor was gorgeous and in the set up, little note pads and crayons in paper cone for the children to draw…

Hard to define the dessert table! Vintage, bucolic, country, with forest animals and at the same time very chic…

It was just true poetry!

The chipmunks were everywhere… gorgeous and “delicious’!

The stick cookies, weren’t they charming?

The candy chocolate with nuts, no need to say anything…        :love:

Everything that was at the table was absolutely beautiful and charming!

Look at the chocolates mushrooms and the vase with pink Ranunculus…

The paper tray in cage format, the honey bread decorated with delicate flowers and the birds at the bottom of the huge jasmine!

The owl corner highlighted the table…

Can you believe in these owl chocolates?

Also the set up was special…

I went crazy with the strawberry bushes…

The cake? In fact, there were several… each cuter than the other! All from About Cakes!

Beautiful sunny day… the kids had lots of fun!

To finish the party with style, the children watched a horse show!

They definitely won’t forget…

 This party was a song sang with Love!

I want to specially thank my friend Chico Zinneck (Docices) for the wonderful chocolates, my mom, Monica Rezende, for the amazing production with the flowers and our tight and tuned work… and my husband and partner Joao Coelho, who photographed this moment with such sensibility. This work was made by people who love to do it!