“Pure, sublime, unparalleled, complete, harmonious, warm, beautiful, accomplice, happy, memorable and everlasting LOVE. Love is the most important of the 18 virtues of Comte Sponville. We agree with him.”

Thus began the letter of invitation to the wedding of Lili and Marlon in Kuwait on December 21, 2012.

To formalize their union, none other than the member of the royal family – Sheikh Majed Al Sabah – presented them with holding the wedding in the City State of Kuwait, an oasis in the desert of the Middle East.

Sounds like a fairy tale, but it is a beautiful love story in modern times! And yes… I’ve been a privileged to participate in this event, to witness the happiness of the couple!

A brief explanation: Lili and Marlon already lived together here in Sao Paulo when he received an invitation from Sheikh Majed Al Sabah to become one of the ambassadors of the perfume brand TFK, that the Sheikh was launching.

Within months Marlon moved to Kuwait, becoming in time worthy of great admiration that the Sheikh
demonstrates for him. With the justification that two people who love each other should not be
separated, Sheikh Majed Al Sabah gave Marlon and Lili a dream wedding ceremony…

Lili, who was in Sao Paulo, was surprised by the groom with a marriage proposal that would happen in
less than six months, and that would be the first marriage of Brazilians in Kuwait!

So begins this whole adventure that I’ll share with you in upcoming posts!

There were three celebrations:

The first, at the Bait Al Othman Museum, following the traditions of weddings 80 years ago… in the desert.

The second was the marriage at the Catholic cathedral in Kuwait celebrated by an Italian minister of the
Vatican, followed by a reception at the home of the royal family.

Finally, the civil marriage in the Brazilian embassy in Kuwait.

You can only enter the country as tourists if you’re a guest. After sending my passport, I received a letter
with the invitation from Sheikh Majed Al Sabah. I cannot explain my anxiety to live all the experiences
I knew were coming!

It’s part of the culture to offer gifts to the Sheikhs. They like simple things, especially food or local crafts.
Sweet peppers, jams, and nothing could have alcohol.

There are no restrictions to enter with meats, cheeses, seeds or any food, because there is no ministry of
agriculture in the country.

So my challenge was set… produce a beautiful traditional sweets table, as we do here in Brazil, as a way
for the bride and groom to thank the Sheikh, on the wedding day, at the home of the royal family.

We had 15 days to prepare everything! As we are nothing in this world without our partners and in mid
December, close to Christmas, a hard core group here in Sao Paulo stopped everything to help me!

Yes… I took to Kuwait 500 well-married sweets, 1.000 other sweets and everything else you can imagine!

Isabella Supplicy chose their most wonderful sweets with beautiful molds and left everything ready in
suitable containers to be shipped on the Emirates flight!

Dear Silvia, from Mariza Doces, needless to say she was super partner as always! In addition to the delicious
sweets, she also made ​​the well-married with lace bows, cascades with flower bouquets, and the tray covers
wrapped with fabric!

Conceicao Bem Casados, also a dear friend in business, prepared the well-married sweets with beautiful
white camellia flowers.

Chico, from Docices, created his beautiful decorated chocolates and cookies…

Vivian, from Blauss Maison, did not hesitate to prepare linens with embroidery and silk pendants,
as well as an incredible selection of products as gifts for the mother and sisters of the Sheikh!

And finally, my dear friend Olguinha from D. Filipa, lent me the towels for the tables!

Help!!  Between boxes and luggage, I think they were about 10 in total to get on board with all these treasures!

Everything set… after a long flight with layover in Dubai, we got to Kuwait!

At the airport, two interesting surprises:

The first one, a Martha Stewart bridal magazine in Arabic, which I loved…

…and the second one, the most amazing van I’ve seen so far, from Hotel Missoni, which carried our luggage!

In the next post, we’ll start with the Hotel Missoni! Prepare to drool!!!!   :-)