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Chanel Themed Party – Black & White

This party was unique, extremely chique and completely inspired in the Chanel universe. Crazy!

The invite said:

Ladies First
Dress Code: white

Gentlemen After
Dress Code: black


The party happened in the client’s penthouse and was divided in two parts:

First, all the ladies arrived dressed in white to get their make-up from top artist Jr Mendes.

I prepared a table over 16ft, only with Chanel make-up and accessories. It was breathtaking..  :-)3

















The guests were pampered for over an hour and a half and got very well produced!

Jr Mendes team did hair and make-up on all of them! We even rented make-up chairs…  :-)




We also placed a LCD TV showing all the beauty videos from Chanel!

To avoid the risk that anyone would run out of battery in their cell, we created the “Iphone Charge Station”.

That’s right! A charging station for cellphones, of course with lots of cargers, batteries,
cleaning products cloths for the screen as well as Chanel covers for all the girls!




When the girls were all pretty, we did a toast with a champagne cascade.
Perrier-Jouet, of course, Coco Chanel’s champagne.



By this time, the boys started to arrive and the party was about to begin!

The welcome drink was one of my favorite up to today!
I love working with Herbie from Help Bar… he joins me in crazyness and creates incredible drinks!

For this party, we did the Chanel nr 5 cocktail

The bartenders, all handsome and in white summer jackets, would put a
drop of perfume in a piece of sugar which would then disolve in champagne.
The cup was handed through the vapor smoke with projection… luxurious!




The buffet from Duas Gastronomia once again did their own show!
They personalized absolutely everything!



Together we created these two wonderful desserts!

The first was a brownie served in mirror platters,
with vintage perfume sprayers to add vanilla essence.



The second was an ice cream martini glass, silver sheet and ribbon shaped candy, inspired in haute couture!


The sweets table… I don’t know where to start!   :love:



Let’s go by steps:    :-)

Nelse from King Cake prepared several different cakes!

The first, black and white, and the others, smaller, inspired in clothing collars!



After a thorough research, we reproduced Chanel’s vintage jewelry in sugar, can you believe it? He’s an artist!




Stefan Behar also came through big time! I got several molds in NY and he went all out!
The bonbons got jewels, laces, laser cut rice paper… everything edible!
Notice the lollipop and the isomalt birds… beautiful!





Margareth from Cookieria also prepared beautiful cookie tiaras!


Plus the little boxes, sachets and lots of other little things!



To close with a cherry on top of the cake, the favors were a success!

Chanel lipstick for all the guests! Did you love it?   :-)



Technical file
Flowers Monica Rezende | Sweets The King Cake, Stefan Behar Sucré, Cookieria by Margaret | Buffet Duas Gastronomia | Bar Help Bar | Ware D. Filipa | Make-up Junior Mendes | Sound MB Produções, Henrique Secchi | Projection Great Moments | Photos Lan Rodrigues, Joao Coelho
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Barnypok - January 1, 2017 - 3:41 pm

The Princesses

You know that party that you simply love to do? Starting with the chosen theme: princesses!

The 1 year birthday of little Rafaela, with aaallll the possible and imaginable spoils! Rafaela’s mom is super sweet, lively, and one of those clients that trust your work and let your imagination run loose! The result couldn’t have been another… a beautiful party!

The event took place at Planet Mundi, and super cool children’s play area!

Lots of cherry trees at the entrance and all the figurines from Manto Productions waiting for the guests!

The sweets table was a fairy tale! Everything pink  :-)3

The beautiful cake from Nininha Sigrist with an “ombre” style! From dark to light pink…

I was in love for these organza petals from D. Flor with macarons!

The boxes with a carriage format… also a charm!

The chocolates from my friend Chico at Docices, ravishing as always!

Notice how cute the chocolate caramels in the flower shaped carriages!

The little dolls… each one cuter than the other!

The girls got a special corner, with a Cinderela dressing room!

Isn’t this carriage radio and microphone the most original thing ever?

The helium balloons with paper princesses… charming!

The moms were very pampered also.. lots of surprises for them in the adults room.

On the chairs, the detail of the make up purse and mirror! Everything in the theme!

The single friends weren’t forgotten!    :-)

The “Kiss a frog to turn prince” corner was a success!

At Rafaela’s party nobody would turn pumpkin after midnight!

More treats in this corner, with several perfumes for the moms to take as gifts!
I loved the Midnight Poison from Dior and Princess from Vera Wang!

The bar also deserves its own highlight!

Help Bar, as always, gave us wonderful drinks
and I couldn’t help myself and come up with a few crazy ideas…  :-)

All the girls with dresses and headbands from Anthropologie! Chic, no?  :love:

The detail of the princess rings in the champagne glasses and paper straws with printed crowns!

The baby room also has a few details…

Bibs and towels, princess toilet seat cover and special accessories for the birthday girl!

Tiara, bands and sucker in the shape of a princess necklace!

At the exit, a wonderful favors and treats table… from dearest Adriana Faralli!

I just wanted to be a child again!!!!!

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Melissa Lorenzo-Herve - October 7, 2013 - 1:31 pm

Such fabulous birthday party ideas!

Wedding Chateau D’Esclimont – France

Located at the entrance gate of Loire Valley, Chateau D’Esclimont was the perfect set for this wedding!

The luxurious castle with sixteenth-century Renaissance architecture and beautiful gardens, made me crazy with so much inspiration!

We arrived in Paris on May 28th, two days before the wedding,
and went straight to see the place which, until then, I had only seen by photo.

From there we went to our Bed & Breakfast in a little town nearby, named Rochefort-en-Yvelines.

It looked like a dollhouse and not only my room had small dots of light on the ceiling (as the owner said,
so that we could sleep looking at the stars), but also my almost secret garden had planted peonies!  :-)3

I could stay there the whole time… but after a few hours of sleep, at 5:00 am,
we were all ready to go, en route to the “Rungis Marché”, the famous flower market!

Mrs Monica went crazy with so many flowers, and so did I!   :-)

Lots of work, two days almost non stop, but the result is always rewarding!

Mrs Monica and Aline produced a spectacular show of flowers!

Looking at that wonderful castle, even though I was exhausted, I could only be thankful for this opportunity!
The wedding was fit for a princess, and now I’ll show you all the details!

We start with the ceremony! The photos speak for themselves!!!!

At cocktail hour, the cake for the bride and groom to cut?
The famous “Cheese Cake”. Yes, the cake is made with delicious French cheeses!

The room, called o Salle des Trophées, where the reception took place, was simply marvelous!

The beautiful sweets table! Ahhhhh, Mrs Monica… I think she could
spend the rest of her life creating her arrangements there!

The sweets were from the renowned Angelina and Fauchon!

The cake could not have been any other! The famous macaron tower from Ladurée! Check out the cake top!!!!

The tables were set up with proper etiquette!

Isn’t this the most beautiful napkin ring?

The dance floor lounge was charming, with a beautiful view out the window!

The tea table was another show! The day before the wedding I met the bride at the
Bon Marché, in Paris, and we got all the tasty tidbits for an authentic French tea table!

Each sugar cube more beautiful than the other!

Not to mention the several types of teas and comfits from Fauchon!

The table for the guests to leave messages to the newlyweds,
with chocolates, liquors, cigars and other goodies was also a success!

Everything thought of to the last detail, the ladies room drove some guests crazy!

Miniature perfumes and makeup for everyone!

The “grand finale” was the evening surprise, when all the guests were invited by the
newlyweds to light up the famous sky lanterns, to let them all go at the same time in the garden!
The lanterns are flame resistant and biodegradable, plus we got authorization from the local municipality!

Very emotional!

We’ve been doing more and more events outside the country and, as I usually tell my brides,
the wedding abroad provides not just the day of the ceremony, but a whole week of celebration
with all the guests embarking on the journey!

After the ceremony in the castle, everyone went back to Paris… for more celebration!
The following day the husband and wife did a jaw dropping photo shoot, with the perfect set: Paris!
They got dressed again and went out in search of each angle of the city that overflows with romanticism!

A dream, no?

Photos by Joao Coelho and Studio Cabrelli.

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